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  • Amelia Moffat, Youth Min.

Stones into Bread

I will be sharing, each Monday in Lent, a poem by Malcom Guite, a priest in the Church of England and Chaplain at Cambridge University.

The Fountain thirsts, the Bread is hungry here The Light is dark, the Word without a voice. When darkness speaks it seems so light and clear. Now He must dare, with us, to make a choice. In a distended belly’s cruel curve He feels the famine of the ones who lose He starves for those whom we have forced to starve He chooses now for those who cannot choose. He is the staff and sustenance of life He lives for all from one Sustaining Word His love still breaks and pierces like a knife The stony ground of hearts that never shared, God gives through Him what Satan never could; The broken bread that is our only food.

By the Reverend Malcolm Guite

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