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  • Father George

Sinners draw near and fear not

Luke 7 is filled with wonderful stories but none greater than the parable of the woman who comes into the house of Simon, the Pharisee, and begins to anoint Jesus’ feet - not only with costly ointment but with her own tears. Simon wonders how Jesus cannot know, if he is somebody, after all, that this woman is “a sinner,” which Jesus later acknowledges. Jesus commends her to Simon, the would-be righteous man, by recognizing her desire for healing. She weeps upon Jesus, she touches Jesus, and she anoints Jesus. She, who is a sinner, comes near to Jesus, touches Him, and he says, “Go, your sins are forgiven...your faith has made you well.” Honestly, it is the love of Jesus that makes her well. She has faith that Jesus can heal; Jesus has the compassion to allow her to come near and be healed in the first place.

Thank God that we, though sinners, can come into the presence of Jesus. We can cry our sinner’s tears upon His precious body which is broken for us, knowing that he does not recoil from our touch but receives our sinner’s embrace with love and forgiveness. No sin is too great, no sinner too far removed from God to receive the mercy we know because of Jesus. Simon should have known: Jesus knew exactly what who was touching Him and He not only permits it; He invites it. Today we are all called to draw close to the healing presence of Christ for only in coming to Him do we find the healing that we seek, the peace that gives life.

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