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  • Father George

Christmas Eve Family Service

Hey, can you remind me where Jesus was born? Stable, barn…some people think that he may have even been born in a cave, which is where they often had places set up for animals.

What are caves like? Not big huge ones, but small ones, like a bear might live in? What are they like? Cold. Damp. Hard. Dark. Not like places that where we born, right?

Today, people are born in what kind of places? Hospital. Special centers. Homes. In Jesus’ time, most children were born at home. Some had a midwife to help, others older relatives, like their own mother’s. But Jesus’ mother, Mary was probably alone, with just her husband, who probably didn’t know much about babies. They were very poor and far away from home.

But there was great joy, even with though Mary was afraid and probably her husband Joseph, too. Why were they so full of joy?

Babies are always cause for joy, right? They are sweet, cute, and parents just love them, don’t they? So, there is always joy when a baby is born. But there was special joy when Jesus was born, even more than babies who are born, like you and me were. Why was there special joy, even though Mary and Joseph were poor and away from home?

Because an angel named Gabriel had told Mary that she was going to have a special baby that would be the Son of God. And this child would grow up and remind people that all of God’s children, God’s babies, are loved by God. No matter who they are; no matter where they are from; no matter what color their skin is or whether they have parents who are rich or very poor. Jesus, born into a poor family a long time ago, was God’s letter – God’s message to us - telling us that God loves us all, more than we could ever imagine. Merry Christmas and please, remember, God loves you just the way you are.

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