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Let light shine out of darkness

“…God who said, “Let light shine out of darkness,” who has shone in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.” 2 Cor 4: 6

This Sunday is the last Sunday of Epiphany; the last Sunday before Lent; a Sunday that always features the reading of Jesus being “transfigured” before the eyes of James, John, and Simon Peter. God booms out of the clouds, as Jesus shines bright like the sun, “This is my beloved, my Son. Listen to Him!” By listening to Jesus, we are invited into a closer walk with God.

This Sunday we will begin a journey of discovery called The Good Book Club. The Good Book Clubis an invitation for us to read, together, during the nearly-upon-us season of Lent, the Gospel of Luke, in sequence, day by day.Forward Day by Day, the devotionals that you will find in your pews, contains short devotions for each reading, beginning with Luke 1: 1-56. We are inviting each other into this time of reading from scripture so that we may be transformed by engaging (i.e. listening with our hearts to) the word of God. Our hope is, as we read scripture and open our hearts to the possibilities of God, we will not only be illumined by God’s word but brought closer to each other and God’s will for our lives in this time and place.

Jay Sidebothom, Executive Director of RenewalWorks, reminded me this week about the wonderful story of Jesus and the two disciples, on the road to Emmaus after His Resurrection. As the group reached their destination, Jesus continued walking, as if He would continue on His way. The two disciples implored Him to come in and have dinner with them. As Jesus, who is a guest, breaks the bread, He becomes host and the two disciples, finally, recognize Jesus. Engaging in The Good Book Clubis an opportunity for us to break open scripture in a new way, and allow God to break us open with His revealed love that we will find there.

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