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Lay Leadership

The Vestry is the governing body of the Parish but also engaged in the spiritual life and growth of the parish as well. As such. it hires the Rector, approves the Parish budget, and makes decisions on Parish policy. In co-leadership with the Rector, the Vestry is responsible for the following aspects of Parish governance, working in conjunction with the appropriate ministries, committees and/or guilds


The Vestry meets at 7:00 p.m. on the third Thursday of every month.  Minutes of Vestry meetings are found in the monthly Epistle located under the Communications menu.


Once a year, following the Annual Meeting, the Vestry holds a weekend retreat.

Officers & Members




Assistant Treasurer



Term ends Jan. 2021



Term ends Jan. 2022

Term ends Jan. 2023

Kim Pereira

Dona Waugh

EJ Ososki

Gerald Hess

Jessica Watkin


Julia Grieco

Rebecca McFarland

Dona Waugh


Mimi Hostetter

Kim Pereira

Robyn Shover

Tom Nelson

Foster Whilte

Jim Wilkie

Chalice Bearers, Lectors, Acolytes and Crucifers

Lectors, Chalice Bearers, Acolytes and Crucifers are lay people who assist and participate in the worship service. The number of Lectors, Acolytes and Crucifers is a matter of volunteers, those who are willing to serve in these roles. The position of Chalice Bearer is slightly different from the other liturgical assistants in that they are licensed by the diocese and are invited to serve by the Rector. The people who serve in this position and the other liturgical positions are those who attend church services regularly, are active in the St James’ community, have a specific interest in liturgy, and have knowledge of the Anglican tradition. The lectors are often self–selected or are invited to read the lessons usually at the service they regularly attend.. There is no diocesan limit on the number of lectors nor do they have to be licensed.  A very short training session is required for both Chalice Bearers and Lectors.

Acolytes come from the youth of the Parish. Any youngster in fourth grade or above is welcome to become a part of this ministry. It is requited that he or she attends a training session, usually held in the fall or as needed throughout the year. After the training session, he or she can begin to serve on the altar, usually paired with a more experienced acolyte. Crucifers are young people who continue to acolyte and also have the privilege of carrying the cross.. St James is blessed with a dedicated group of people who participate in the liturgical life of the church, and who, by their presence make a significant contribution to the worship of every parishioner. 

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