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The Travels of a Jesus Doll

The Jesus Doll is intended to give our children and families a reason, a focus, in which to talk about how Jesus is with us all the time.  The Jesus Doll has joined our children in so many day to day activities and has also been a traveling companion. traveledad something of a whirlwind like no other!! He rides, listens to music, and is a constant companion on folks’ travels. Thank you, children, and thank you Jesus!! 

The Jesus Doll’s hosts keep a journal of his experiences and here are some of their entries:


Jesus and I went to the library. He read at least ten books. When we left he was sad because he didn’t want to stop reading.

Jesus and I listened to music and danced with the music.

What do you want to tell Jesus? Jake: I like you. But I don’t want you to sleep in my bed tonight. You’re scary at night.

Jesus and I watched a very funny movie.

Jesus had a lot of fun traveling. He also likes to listen to music on my phone.

I had a blast with Jesus. We play with my stuffed animal monkey, Twinkle, and Beatrice.

This week the boys heard the name Jesus more than usual. Charlie now has the word “Jesus” as part of hi limited vocabulary. Edward asked, “Mommy, does Jesus live near us?” A question that is complicated to answer if you intend to elaborate past one word!

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