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When a member of the parish is near death or dies, the family should notify the church as quickly as possible.  Our clergy and staff are ready to be of help at any hour and are willing to go with the family while burial arrangements are made.  The Church is the appropriate place for the funeral of a Christian.

Provision of flowers for the altar for a funeral service is to be coordinated with the Parish office. The parish hall may be used for a reception after the funeral service.

The Memorial Garden is available for the direct interment of ashes. Plots may be reserved in advance or selected at the time of death.  More details are available from the church office.

The honorarium for the organist is $175; the sexton’s fee is $50.  There is no fee for the use of the church or for the clergy's services; gifts of appreciation may be made to St. James.

Parishioners are encouraged to leave any special instructions for their funerals on permanent record kept by family or friends.

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