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Diocesan Mission Discernment Initiative 

In October 2016 the Diocesan Convention passed a resolution launching a Mission Discernment Initiative (MDI). At heart the Initiative responds to a single question: How can we better participate in God's mission of restoration and reconciliation?

Since that time, a working group has been wrestling with this question and with its ongoing design and implementation.  The committee created a 100-word statement to reflect this initiative, which is God's story as revealed through the Holy Scriptures.

God, in love, created all things - the universe, earth, humanity. It was diverse, and it was good. Human sin entered in and distorted our relationship with God, one another, and creation.
God continually seeks to overcome this alienation. This is God's mission.
God covenanted with a chosen people sent the law and the prophets.
God came in Jesus, fully human and fully divine, to restore all people to unity with God and each other in Christ.
God sent the Holy Spirit, empowering the Body of Christ.
In baptism God commissions us to participate in God's mission of restoration and reconciliation.

Key elements and resources of the MDI include: 

Understand "what is God's mission?"  Scripture, study, reflection, prayer, workshops and study programs are our tools;

Discern how we're called into God's mission individually and as the Body of Christ, with focus on the needs and concerns of the people around us as well as our resources to meet these needs. Tools include storytelling and "one-on-one" conversations;

Set goals and taking actions that allow us to participate in God's mission right now, right here. Tools include public narrative and advocacy.


Other critical components foundational to the MDI include: community-based leadership development; commitment to true multiculturalism at all levels; and empowering and networking leaders and communities in person and online.

For more information, contact Robin Hammeal-Urban at 860-233-4481
(800-842-0126 in CT) ext. 122, or e-mail

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