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Sue Deming

Sue came to us in 2010 after many years in church adminsitration at another church. Brought up in the Congregational/UCC church, she had "fun" adjusting to Episcoapl liturgy and worship practices. Trained by the Aetna in what was then called "data processing," Sue spent many years in Employee Benefits computer programming before her twin sons were born. Once her daughter was in school fulltime and her sons in preschool, Sue ventured back into part time work in her own church's office, thinking there would be no middle of the night phone calls like there were in her former Aetna job. Now she understands that parish administration is sometimes a 24/7 job, but in a wonderful, blessed way. She considers herself to be in "people ministry", so she is available to the Rector whenever the St. James parishioners need her support.


A near-lifelong resident of Farmington, Sue currently lives in Unionville with her husband, Steve, and son, Trevor. Her daughter lives in Plainville, and the other twin "escaped" Connecticut by moving to Bend, Oregon in 2015 with his new wife.

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